Welcome to the City of Ligao 2011


Welcome to the City Government of Ligao, a fluorishing and developing city in the province of Albay, Philippines

Taxes, Licenses and Fees

 Ligao City - Taxes, Licenses and Fees

Business Permits and Licensing
All business entities with a minimum capitalization of Php30,000.00 and who wish to engage in business within the territorial boundaries of the City are required to secure the necessary permits and licenses.
A. Type of Ownership
1. For Single Proprietorship
  - Secure Department of Trade and Industry Registration
2. For Corporation or Partnership
  - Secure Securities and Exchange Commission Registration
3. For Cooperatives
  - Secure Certificate of Registration from Cooperative Development Authority
B. Social Security Clearance
C. Pictures
  - Two pictures for the Owner ( 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 )
  - One picture each for the helpers or employees ( 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 )
D. Two sets of documentary stamps
E. Community Tax of the Owner and Helpers or Employees
F. For Corporation or Partnership
  - Community Tax of the Corporation or Partnership
G. For Repair Shops
  - Secure Certificate of Accreditation from the Department of Trade and Industry
H. For Restaurants and Resorts
  - Secure Certificate of Accreditation from the Department of Tourism
I. For Learning Institutions
  - Secure Permit to Operate from the Department of Education, Culture and Sports
  Procedure for Filing:
1. Submit to the Licensing Officer at the Treasurer’s Office the requirements needed for review and verification.
2. Secure the Business Application Form from the Licensing Officer.
3. Present the duly accomplished form to the Collecting Officer at the Treasurer’s Office for assessment and payment of fees and charges.
4. After payment of the fees and charges, present the duly accomplished forms together with the receipts and other requirements to the following offices:
  - The City Engineering Office for issuance of Annual Safety Inspection
  - The City Fire Department for the issuance of Fire Clearance
  - The City Health Office for the issuance of Sanitary and Health Permits
5. Submit the duly accomplished Application Form together with the required Clearances and other attachments to the Licensing Officer for review and for the signature and recommendation by the City Treasurer.
6. The documents will be forwarded to the Office of the Mayor for approval and for the issuance of the Business Permit.
7. The Business Permit will be given to the Licensing Officer for release.

Real Property Administration
Assessment of real properties within the City of Ligao including buildings and machineries and other improvements permanently installed on the land.

  Procedure for Filing:

Renewal or yearly tax payment

Copy of receipt of last payment or the lot number

Transfer of properties

Mode of conveyance – ( deed of sale, deed of donation, extra-judicial partition )

Updated tax payment

Tax clearance

Payment of transfer fee

Photocopy of TCT

Community Tax

All citizens, 18 year and above are required to secure a Community Tax Certificate.

Basic Tax - Php5.00

Additional Tax not to exceed Php5,000.00

A Php1.00 levy for every Php1,000.00 income from salaries and wages from occupation or business and income from real properties

 Procedure for Filing:

Secure a Pro – Forma from the Collecting Officer

Accomplish the needed information in the Pro – Forma and submit the same to the Collecting Officer for assessment of fees

Pay the necessary fees and get the Original Copy of the Community Tax Certificate

Public Market Rental

1All ambulant and sidewalk vendors are given the opportunity to occupy a stall within the public market before any prospective and new applicants will be entertained.


All buildings within the City Public Market are on a monthly rental and so with carenderias.


All stalls are levied a daily cash ticket.


Procedure for Renting a Stall or Space

Proceed to the Office of the Mayor and signify your intention to rent.

After approval of the City Mayor, proceed to the Treasurer’s Office to sign the contract and pay the agreed rental.

Parking Fees

Pay Parking Areas are designated in strategic places within the City Limits.

Parking / Traffic Aides are posted to take charge of the said areas.

Procedure for Payment of Fees:

Cash Tickets only

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